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We'll inspect regulators and LP tanks - complete a drop down pressure test - complete a line pressure test - check all LP detectors.

Electrical System | $109.88

12 Volt, hot skin testers, all lights, monitor panel, 110 volt system priority, converter operation and output, shore cord and circuit breakers, generator operation and output.

Air Conditioner Service | $109.00

Check air temperature drop across the evaporator coil, check compressor amperage, remove and clean A/C filter, examine shroud for cracks and damage, clean and unclog A/C roof drains.

Water Heater Service | $109.00

Check condition of anode rod, check relief valve, complete operation, check burner assembly, remove nests, bugs, webs, etc.

Refrigerator Service | $109.00

Verify unit is air tight in compartment, refrigerator is properly vented (roof & sidewall), clean and adjust burner and orifice, inspect and test all door seals, check LP pressure and proper voltage, clean roof vent and check baffle.

Furnace Service | $198.00

Clean main burner orifice, clean/inspect/adjust electrode assembly, clean blower wheel, test module board/inspect and clean board contacts, clean and inspect combustion chamber, inspect fan motor, clean and inspect vent tubes and outer casing, reassemble furnace.

Oven/Range Service | $109.00

Check for proper LP pressure and adjust as needed, check for accumulation of dirt, grease, dust or spider webs, light each range burner one at a time, check for variable flame while rotating the valve, test oven temperature.  Adjust as necessary to +/25 of set point.

Appliance & Accessories Check $109.99

Check the following for proper operation, antennas, furnace, DVD players, for A/C, water heater, refrigerator, range/oven, awnings, TVs, washer/dryer.

Water System Check | $109.00

Water pump operation, check all faucets, check holding tanks, check fresh water fill, complete water line pressure test, and check all gate valves.

Rubber Roof Treatment | $219.00

Manufacturers recommend this service annually.  Clean rubber roof with specialty designed cleaning agents & Apply UV Blocking treatment to protect rubber membrane