$ 215.99

Vendor: Torklift


The WobbL-Stoppr is a sturdy stabilizing brace that attaches to the camper jack leg and the camper body to prevent the camper from sway when it is sitting on itUs jacks. Not only do the WobbL-Stoppr braces make it more comfortable in your camper by eliminating that irritating sway that can make you dizzy or even nauseous, but they also help to reduce wear on the camper frame where the jacks bolt to the camper. This reduces the need for costly repairs later on. Simple Operation To use the WobbL-Stoppr you simply swing it into place and attach it to the camper plate and then tighten down the friction knob and youUre done. They stow up against the camper jack leg when not in use. Easy Installation The WobbL-Stoppr easily attaches to your camper. A clamp attaches to the jack leg and a small plate screws to the camper body into the camper frame. Sturdy Construction The WobbL-Stoppr is made out of steel tube and then powder coated for durable good looks.
# 16-0350