$ 21.99

type: Lighting
Vendor: Starlights


Revolution 1156 LED bulb - 2pk May be used for interior lighting, but best used as a tail/marker light. Single contact bayonet. *Note: In some cases, this light is not for use as a blinker/ indicator light, unless a load resistor is added for its functionality. Check your owners manual for more information. Product Details Lasts 100 TIMES LONGER than a standard bulb (60,000 hour life expectancy) Energy Efficient- can run 11 Revolution Bulbs for every 1 standard 1156 bulb (Rev 200 draws 216 milliamps) Uses 1/10th the power of conventional bulbs Replaces single bayonet contacts Fits most RV fixtures Significantly brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs Operates much cooler- will not melt lenses Swivel style housing allows you to direct light were needed 1 year manufacturer warranty Replaces: 93, 1003, 1073, 1093,1129, 1141, 1156, 1159, 1295, 1459, 1619, 1651, 1680, 3497, 5007, 5008, 7506, 7527 bulbs.
# 18-0016