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Vendor: Winegard


Carryout Manual Portable Twist On/Off Cap provides easy way to fill top portion with water or sand for increased stability.

25' Coax Cable allows optimal antenna placement and stores in base for easy stowing.

Bubble Level for easy set-up and leveling.

Elevation markings & knobs assist in elevating and locking antenna at exact angle.

Compass ensures correct southern setting.

Durable Case protects dish and functions as mount.

Azimuth Lock Knob to prevent left to right movement.

Supports 2 Receivers

Compatible with TR-1518 Tripod Mount

Dimension of antenna: 16 inches W x 18.5 inches H x 10 inches D

Weights 9 pounds

Receives standard DirecTV programming and all standard and HD programming for DISH and Bell TV.